Cardio Workout “KIA-KARATE”

This new and revolutionary system is enhancing the old traditional Aerobic workout.
Coupling basic aerobic steps with a wide variety of karate techniques, dance movements and kick boxing for a continuous hour, performed at the beat of the music wearing your favorite aerobic outfit. These classes are separate fitness classes and are offered as a complimentary exercise on your daily workout. They are not intended to substitute the karate class, or a self defense class nor we are changing the format of our traditional karate classes.
Developed by Sensei Raul Shelton, from a selection of different exercises compiled from over 40+ years experience in Martial Arts and physical fitness. He has combined the most simple and effective karate techniques with a low impact low/high intense aerobic workout. The instructor, Zeny Shelton, his daughter and one of his student and Black belt with over 15 years in Karate and several years of experience in cheer leading, gives you the perfect combination.
There are three workout levels:
-Advanced (up to 800 calories per hour!)
Each one has been carefully designed to provide you with a wide variety of karate skills while increasing your cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength and flexibility as well as increasing your fat-burning capacity. You can go as hard or as easy as your body dictates in any given class!!
The classes are from teenagers to those in their 60’s and offer something for everyone!
If you want more out of your regular aerobic workout, come see us! Try one class for FREE, with no obligation (while space is available).

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