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DOJO Etiquette:

As a new student of karate you will notice many traditional behaviors and actions that all students adhere to. These customs are not religious in nature, they are mainly Japanese customs. Their purpose is to help build common courtesy, respect, structure, and safety.

· In the dojo, karate is your only concern.

· The head instructor is addressed as Shihan (master) by all students. Assistant instructors are addressed as Sensei (teacher)

· All students must bow on and off the dojo floor, the blue mats.

· Always bow to your training partner as a sign of mutual respect and appreciation.

· Reply to feedback given by the Shihan or Sensei with a spirited “Oss”.

· Tell the teacher if you are on any medication or have any minor injuries that may effect your training (before class starts if possible).

· Tie your obi (belt) neatly with both ends at equal lengths. Do not wash your obi, unless under extreme circumstances.

· Always keep your gi (uniform) clean and neat. Wash your gi often as needed. All students (yellow belt and higher) must wear a JKS Dojo patch on the left chest of their gi.

· Be on time.

· If you are early and waiting for your class to begin while another is in progress please refrain from all unnecessary loud talking while class is in session.

· Always work in a cooperative manner with each other.

· Do not criticize others.

· Higher belts (senpai) should assist lower belts (kohai).

· Always thank the Shihan or Sensei for extra help.

· Never correct or criticize your Shihan or Sensei.

· Never criticize another dojo or teacher. Focus on the positive and don’t waste your energy on the negative.

· Do not free spar without the permission or supervision of a teacher.

· Stand or sit in a respectful manner. Arm crossing or sitting with your legs stretched out is inappropriate unless you are exercising or stretching.

· Keep the dojo clean and don’t hesitate to help straighten up even if it is not your mess.

· Return all equipment to its proper place when you are finished using it.

· It is impolite to leave class before it is over without permission. If possible, make arrangements with your teacher before class begins.

· It is necessary to train in class at least twice a week if one wishes to progress.

· Let your teacher know if you will be absent from the dojo for a prolonged period of time.

· No food is allowed in the dojo area at any time.

· Young children should be accompanied by adults when watching class.

· All jewelry must be removed.

· All finger and toe nails must be clipped short. Women may keep longer finger nails but only with care.

· These guidelines are meant for your safety and benefit of learning. Should there be any etiquette problems please consult Shihan or Sensei. When possible discuss any issues with your Sensei before approaching Shihan.

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