Sport Karate International Competition

As dictated by the World Karate Federation (WKF), there is a list of katas (forms) that have to be perfomed in a certain way, in order to be competitive and be able to match the very demanding performance that has developed at this level in the last few years, we have the help of Mr, Shelton who has reached the higher degree of officiating at the world level and he is parts of panels that select the world champions; we are able to offer the correct performance, without lossing the tradicional values, to compete at this level.

On the kumite (sparring) area, the level of competition has driven karate practicioners to be developed into high performance athletes to be able to compete at this level and thanks to Mr. Shelton credentials we can offer this level of practice for kumite competition for National and International as well. This program is aimed for student interested in being considered for the USA National Karate Team or are already members of the National Team.

In 2004, JKS started a unique, specialized program – Sport Karate Curriculum. Our enhanced program was especially designed to condition and train athletes for WKF-style rules kumite & kata competition that are used nationally and internationally. This type of competition karate has become an Olympic-style Karate with the inception at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Therefore, our curriculum is an Olympic development program design.

This program is being offered to the general public – JKS and non-JKS students alike. Non-JKS students may be from any martial art discipline with the noted exception that we will not accept independent or unaffiliated individuals – you must formally study martial arts somewhere. We offer this exclusive program from September through July when it culminates at the USA-National Karatedo Federation (USA-NKF) Nationals.

Membership in JKS’s Sport Karate Program is not only for competitors – you are not required to compete in any tournaments at all. Students ages 5 & older can enjoy the intensity of the workouts and the extra fighting knowledge. Our program is offered with several levels of kata (forms) and kumite (fighting) to separate students according to similar ages and/or skill levels. Regardless of the level, excellent preparation will be available to dedicated, hard working students.

The Sport Karate program is divided in to two separate categories: kumite and kata. Each one is preparing students for WKF-style competition rules (including the WKF-modified rules used for under Black Belt level competitors by the USA-NKF at their sanctioned events).

Enrollment in our Sport Karate program is on a first-come-first-served basis – please register as soon as possible to reserve your placement. Please note that JKS students receive a substantial discount over non—JKS student enrollment.

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